Justin, Jerry Lee and Me

Justin Bieber is 19. In recent years the Canadian pop star has made comments that were stupid and immature.
So did I when I was his age. Heck, I said and did things at 40 that were incredibly stupid and surprisingly immature.
Imagine if, at the age of 22, Bieber marries his 13-year-old second cousin and takes her overseas on a tour of Britain. The press notices the young lady and figures she’s a family member.
“I’m Justin’s wife.”
Feelings of shock and horror grip the media. You’re his wife? You’re a child!
That’s what happened to Jerry Lee Lewis in 1958. He fell for 13-year-old Myra Gale, the daughter of his cousin J.W. Brown. Based on the Lewis biographies I’ve read, and the biopic Great Balls of Fire, Jerry Lee and Myra didn’t see anything wrong with the marriage and reasoned that in southern states like Louisiana, such a union was not out of the ordinary.
Reporters in London branded Jerry Lee a cradle robber. The tour was a disaster. Lewis was at the height of his popularity but the scandal derailed the Killer’s career and it took years for Jerry Lee to recover. Lewis reinvented himself as a country singer but was relegated to being a minor celebrity instead of riding high as one of the biggest musical stars in the world.
Which is was what my fellow Canadian is at this moment.
The pride of Stratford Ontario makes teenage girls squeal, even when he’s trying to play a character on Saturday Night Live (I thought Bieber did a much better hosting job than Adam Levine).
Maybe he’s trying to shed his teenybopper image. After all, lyrics along the lines of “Girl my love is true/I’ll never love anyone but you/What more can I do?/Girl you make me feel blue” can only appeal to 14-year-old girls.
I’m willing to cut Justin some slack. Not for those lyrics but then again, they’re not intended for my enjoyment. No, I am willing to give the Bieb a pass because anything he says is irrelevant unless it refers to music and even then, hardly newsworthy.
And not worthy of outrage from the media.
Many years ago I was amazed that CNN spent an entire day covering Michael Jackson’s trial.
“There’s a bombing in the Middle East!’
“So what? MJ is wearing pajamas to the court room.”

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sole proprietor of Maraca Media, former radio host (Johnny Maraca's Rock & Roll Riot), copywriter and producer and a print journalism grad.
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