Sex, drugs and whatever the kids are into

In 1957 Jerry Lee Lewis performed Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On live for the first time at a club in Blytheville, Arksansas. Nick Tosches is the author of a terrific biography of The Killer called “Hellfire” and of that performance, Tosches wrote….
“He pounded (the piano) faster and harder…and he felt the rush of neon gas shoot from his lungs as he saw those girls, quivering and wet, following him to hell with their painted mouths open.”
If you need a cold shower or a cigarette, I’ll stop typing for a spell.
Okay, ready for more?
Chances are Jerry Lee didn’t see any nipples or exposed hoo-has on that night. Bras and panties were bigger back then, fortresses built to survive just about anything.
On the May 2-4 weekend Wasaga Beach will host an electronic dance music (EDM) event and such raves have been under attack for instances of alcohol abuse, drugs and the usual things that teens do for kicks.
Kind of ironic that the town forced Wakestock to find a new home in Collingwood a few years back due to the same concerns listed above. Haven’t been to a rave but it sounds like this could make Wakestock look like a Beach Boys concert.
And the lame “Kokomo” version of the Beach Boys at that.
And undies….if worn at all…are much smaller nowadays. Not that I’m complaining. Whoever invented hip hugger jeans, thanks for the easier access. I was a teen in the late ’70s and designer jeans had pretty high waistlines.
And this is a beach town. Bikinis cover only the bare essentials these days. Again, not that I’m complaining (unless it’s a middle-aged French Canadian tourist….either hit the gym or switch to a one-piece…or a muumuu, Isabelle).
Oh well. As those young ladies proved back in Jerry Lee’s day, dancing to rock and roll was, and still is, sexual. A beat is a beat and when you combine that with booze and (to steal a line from Ray Charles) a feeling that the night time is the right time, maybe not much has changed.
Parents are still outraged, town fathers are either paranoid beyond belief or clueless, or both.
Whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on indeed!

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1 Response to Sex, drugs and whatever the kids are into

  1. johnnymaraca says:

    An update…the EDM festival was a big success and, from what I’ve heard, incident free. Professionally done with top notch security. So cheers to the organizers and the kids.

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