The worst bands of all time

Recently someone posted this link to LA Weekly’s list of the 20 worst bands of all time.
What it really amounts to is, “We’re too cool to like any of these bands,” and “These acts have sold millions of albums and but we don’t think anyone beyond their immediate family and friends should have forked out the money to support them.”
And the knob who wrote the blurb about Rush and said the band only had a handful of hardcore fans? Forty years into their career, Rush packs arenas and stadiums around the world so, opinions aside, the list is short on facts.
I’ve never been a Journey fan. They seemed cheesy and represented the corporate rock that punk bands claimed to despise (and the Sex Pistols are on the list….coolness has gone out the window in LA Weekly land)
I recently caught a band that played classic rock and the singer struggled to hit the high notes in “Don’t Stop Believing.” It was painful to listen to and reminded me of what a great singer Steve Perry is. Guitarist Neil Schon and drummer Steve Smith are regarded as excellent musicians.
So how can Journey be one of the worst bands of all time?
Or Foreigner, The Eagles, Oasis or Pearl Jam?
How does writing hit songs qualify the creators as “worst” on any musical list? How does drawing thousands of fans mean that you suck?
It doesn’t.
Perhaps it’s the nature of such music critics to attack anything that sells more than a few copies or to be pretentious and write every piece with a subtext of, “I have taste and you don’t.”
If you maintain that a band achieved success without a smidgen of talent you know that isn’t true.
Sure, these kind of lists are meant to stir debate but they should begin with a well thought out, researched and informed point of view….not a holier than though attiude.

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