Rock and roll for the young folks

Last weekend I spent some time at a really lame Wasaga Beach music event called Beachfest.
To the Toronto promoters, don’t come back. To the local council and provincial government, stop giving them money and grants. Fix our roads first.
Beachfest was lame-o because it had no big name acts, no beer garden and, because the stage faced the sand, pretty much no audience.
I was there Saturday and Sunday afternoon and perhaps 20 people were actively listening to the music. The rest were oblivious, sunbathing and tossing frisbees and footballs.
On Saturday, I caught a local band we play on 97.7 the Beach, High 75 (formerly Fire and Sound). They’re young so some of the bikini babes paid attention and High 75 capitalized on that by inviting several of the young ladies on stage for a butt-shaking dance party.
No complaints here.
Sunday afternoon was a classic rock extravaganza. Tribute bands for the Stones, Aerosmith and Bon Jovi. The bikini babes who strutted past the stage kept moving and barely paid attention, except to cringe during the guitar solos.
Can’t say I blame them. If you’re 16 why would you stop to watch long-haired guys in their 40s and 50s singing songs you’ve never heard unless they’ve been sampled by Eminem?
On a side note, it did remind me that Aerosmith has an amazing catalogue, but Bon Jovi had two or three really good songs they kept recycling album after album (same as the last one but not as good, see Loverboy and Huey Lewis).
Thankfully the latest musical trends usually come from overseas and I’ve been playing an awesome young rock and roll band from Ireland called The Strypes.
They’re all in their teens and while it may be too much to expect EDM-lovin’ kids to embrace this kind of music, I salute the Strypes for trying. Check out this clip from their appearance on The Late Show. Dave is often appreciative but underwhelmed by his musical guests. Letterman pretty much jumped out of his chair to congratulate The Strypes on a stellar job.

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