We only have time for great (music, movies, TV shows, blogs)

I am an avid reader.

In decades past, that meant purchasing books, newspapers and magazines to check out concert, album and movie reviews and opinions on topics that mattered to me. So you would think that I’d be reading blog after blog since they are so readily available online.

I am not.

I have Bob Lefsetz’s musings on the music business, http://lefsetz.com/wordpress/, bookmarked and that’s about it. I read Rolling Stone, The Daily Beast and major newspapers on my iPad via the Flipboard app. I subscribe to MacLean’s magazine (the Canadian equivalent of Time or Newsweek) but only because it’s owned by the same company that provides my internet and wireless services. As a Rogers customer I get MacLean’s for about $3.50 a month and it’s a weekly. Good magazine. Good deal.

There are hundreds of music blogs out there and chances are, I would find them entertaining and thought provoking but….

I don’t have time.

As Lefsetz often says, we only have time for great, especially when it comes to new music. If a song doesn’t have that “wow, what is that?” appeal it won’t get noticed. Being good isn’t good enough. There’s too much to choose from and not enough time to wade through it all. On streaming services like Spotify, a large percentage of tunes only have one play (likely clicked by the artist themselves), meaning that the top 5% of artists get 90% or more of the plays. The rest get ignored.

Of course, you could apply Lesetz’s theory to my blog. 

To those of you reading this now, thanks. But friends and colleagues aside, many people will ignore this blog. Most of my 300 or so Twitter followers won’t click the link and, out of my 500 Facebook friends, only a small percentage will even see the post, much less get a chance to find the blog.

And I get that.

My blog has more competition than I can even imagine so the fact that anyone takes time to read it, well, thanks for straining your eyeballs for a few minutes. Have a great day!

About johnnymaraca

sole proprietor of Maraca Media, former radio host (Johnny Maraca's Rock & Roll Riot), copywriter and producer and a print journalism grad.
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