Irrelevant Rolling Stone

Many moons ago I was a journalism student in Toronto. My dream job was to be a reporter for Rolling Stone magazine.
Had that come true, I’d be ashamed of the current state of Jann Wenner’s publication.
Their top two albums of 2014? The latest by U2 and Bruce Springsteen. Here’s what Bob Lefsetz (my favourite blogger) had to say about that:
So the best album of the year was a collection that was delivered without permission to the iTunes libraries of millions around the world.
And the typical reaction from just about everyone who isn’t a diehard U2 fan (or an employee of Rolling Stone) was, “How do I get this U2 person off my phone?”
So, the magazine that has always regarded itself as the tastemaker in terms of popular music has pretty much admitted it’s written by old farts for old farts while pretending to be on the cutting edge.
But, as Lefsetz points out, the greatest Rolling Stone pieces have always been non-musical. No one remembers the 5-star album reviews but many of us have been captivated by the writing of Hunter S. Thompson, P.J. O’Rourke, William Greider and Matt Taibbi.
Bob also linked the current story on the sexual assaults at the University of Virginia and it’s an outstanding piece of investigative journalism. There is still great work to be found in the pages of Rolling Stone.
Maybe they should stick to quality exposes and profiles and stop kissing the asses of Bono and The Boss.

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One Response to Irrelevant Rolling Stone

  1. johnnymaraca says:

    sounds like the Rolling Stone campus rape story is less than outstanding, with allegations of poor fact checking. I wrote this blog before all that came to light.

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