iPod gathering iDust

It doesn’t seem that long ago, though it was likely 10 years or more, that I purchased an iPod Shuffle. A white plastic stick that could hold 240 songs. Amazing!


Of course, the Shuffle was replaced a few years later by a Nano. Now I could take 10,000 songs anywhere and that meant many hours getting songs off Limewire and burning CDs into my computer.

I wore my iPod on planes, trains and automobiles. Scratch the last one. I still played the radio and CDs in the car and even then, I made sure I wasn’t a distracted driver. No ear buds while driving.

The iPod was great for working out. Instead of being tortured by whatever dance pop the health club was tuning into, I could blast Iron Maiden, Motorhead and Foo Fighters in my sort-of private listening space.

My gym went tits up in September. Rather than take out a membership elsewhere, I purchased a workout bench and weights and decided to get fit at home (or try to, though my desire to lose weight intensified after finding out I was a type 2 diabetic…no excuses now).

No need for the iPod with my stereo being in the same room. Back to radio, either local or satellite.

Then again, the iPod wasn’t really a great way to listen to tunes. It was a boredom killer. Take away that need for convenience and I don’t have much enthusiasm for creating my own playlists. I’ve barely used Spotify. Call me old fashioned (“you’re old fashioned, Johnny!”) but music is best when it’s a shared experience and that means a voice on the radio, talking about a particular artist or song, or sharing his or her likes and dislikes.

The iPod couldn’t do that. It looks a bit sad on the shelf but cheer up, little gadget from the past, I may take up jogging and bring you along.

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host of Johnny Maraca's Rock & Roll Riot, the rockingest show on the radio. 60 years of rockin' rhythm and blues, from the late '40s pioneers like Louis Jordan to Elvis, Chuck Berry, CCR, Stray Cats, Ramones and tons more. Friday and Saturday nights at 7 on 97.7 the Beach, listen live at http://977thebeach.ca, and WRSG in Middlebourne, West Virginia, Tuesdays 6-8 pm.
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