Neil Peert and Randy Back-man

After more than 40 years of selling out arenas and stadiums…they’re still doing it…Rush has finally landed on the cover of Rolling Stone.
And after more than 40 years of being called pretentious, bombastic and much worse by critics.
So cheers to my fellow Canadians!
Jack Black is a big fan of Rush and, in particular, drummer Neil Pert. In the movie School of Rock (which I love) Black’s failed rocker turned bogus substitute teacher raves about Neil Pert. As did another great drummer, Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters, when Rush was finally inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Except Neil’s last name is pronounced peert.
And, if you’ve caught the CBC radio show, The Vinyl Tap, hosted by this guy…
you have heard him say, week after week…Back-man.
Not Bock-man, though for decades radio announcers have been announcing Bock-man Turner Overdrive, or The Guess Who, featuring guitarist Randy Bock-man.
Maybe it’s this idea of us Canadians being too nice and polite.
In the movie Canadian Bacon, written by American Michael Moore, even when our country is under attack we say “sorry” when someone bumps into us…even if they are at fault.
Then again, I once heard a radio DJ from Wingham, Ontario…and to be fair, Wingham is in the middle of nowhere…pronounce David Lee Roth’s surname as Roath. And how many jocks have said Bruce Cock-burn (ouch!) instead of Co-burn?
So cheers to Neil Peart and Randy Bachman for being Canadian in every sense, and for rocking us for all these years.

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