Most people will ignore what you write

And that includes this post.

Facebook is full of links that many of us will never click on because they are on the flip side of what we hold dear, or believe in.


We can’t be swayed. Post something along the lines of “you voted for (whoever) and look what they’ve done!” Look! Look again. I mean it, look at what this blog/writer/pundit who supports my views has written and surely (don’t call me Shirley) you will see the light.

This is Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone.


I started reading his pieces several years ago and gained an understanding of the wicked ways of Wall Street thanks to his gift for taking a complex issue and explaining it in plain English.

Tougher than you think.

When Matt writes, I read it to the end. Now, that sounds fairly obvious, doesn’t it? But, according to social media stats, plenty or readers quit long before the final sentence or skim through the blog or article. So….


Seriously, catchy headers keep people scrolling down the page.

Anyhoo, there are zillions of writers, bloggers and even real journalists like Matt who type hundreds of words each day, hoping to sway someone or, at the very least, inform them.

It ain’t easy.


I’m an old-school journalist who fell into radio by accident. Woodward and Bernstein, HL Mencken, Robyn Doolittle. Okay, Robyn is young and a modern-day journalist and, had it not been for her tireless reporting skills, Rob Ford might still be mayor of Toronto.

That’s what real reporters do. They follow leads, interview people, corroborate with a second or third source and…when their editors have been satisfied that the story is true…the piece gets published.

And those on the other side are convinced it’s a smear campaign, as so many Ford supporters claimed. You’re defaming a good family man!


One of my favourite writers of late is Globe & Mail columnist (and my Facebook friend) Tabatha Southey. After Spotlight won the Oscar for Best Picture, Tabatha tweeted something along the lines of, “If you loved Spotlight, subscribe to a fucking newspaper.”

The idea being that Spotlight was a celebration of investigative journalism and that rapidly disappearing form of writing is worth paying for and preserving.

And she’s right.

What you’re reading is merely my opinion. It’s free. Would you pay a monthly fee to read my blog? No. Not that I’m not worth reading but I have thousands of competitors whose prose is more elegant than mine. In the words of that presidential candidate…what’s his name?  Ivanka’s Dad. “They know a lot of words.”

That’s what he said to prove his intelligence. He knows a lot of words.


The only advice I’d give us, read someone who makes you think. Not just, “Yeah, I agree,” but “I never thought of it that way.”

Most people won’t. Political or social leanings resemble the fanatical cheering of sports fans. Your team sucks. You’re a loser. Join us and get on the winning side (if not now, someday).

Social media has created an even larger divide because, as I’ve said, there are hundreds if not thousands of bloggers and pseudo journalists  eager to prey on the ill-informed and illiterate.

Sadly, click bait sites compete with the Globe, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and get far too many clickers and readers and, even sadder still, those genuine sources of information I listed are sometimes regarded as suspect.


Bought and paid for. Owned by large corporations as opposed to the little guy (or girl) with a few hundred subscribers. Or five.

Yes, view with suspicion that poorly-paid scribe who chases down sources…as Ms. Doolittle did…in an effort to inform and educate. Surely (and stop calling me Shirley!) it’s a witch hunt and the truth comes from the outsiders. Climate change is  a hoax. Vaccines don’t work. Rob Ford was a great mayor so stop harassing the poor guy.

This blog has rambled all over the damn place and twisted and turned but if you have made it to the end, thanks.

And subscribe to a fucking newspaper (I pay for MacLean’s, one of the few perks to being a Rogers customer).

So why bother if hardly anyone is reading? Writers have to write and these days, having a few dedicated fans is more important than paying for hundreds of Twitter followers (most of whom aren’t real). Whether it’s a blog, a radio show or a song you’ve created, knowing that someone likes it is enough to keep you pounding the keyboard, writing lyrics or working on chord arrangements.

**Sorry if you were hoping for an actual video It was just me being a tease.







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