When Tom was your first friend on…what was it called again?

So I was checking my Myspace page the other day.

Yes, I’m kidding. I don’t even have it bookmarked and I’m not sure if I can recall my password. Maybe Tom knows it.

Ah yes, Tom. If you opened a Myspace account he was your first friend. Look at that face. Did you imagine him sharing your every like and click with online marketers and advertising analyzing types? He came off as a guy who wanted to meet you at Starbucks, not sell your data to them.

Hey, don’t feel sorry for the guy. Tom did okay. Worth $60 million and retired in his mid-40s.


Go back a half dozen years and I probably had a Myspace app on my iPad.


Let’s see. Flipboard so I can read newspapers and magazines. WordPress for this site. Dropbox to store and send my show segments. Tinder (hey, unlike many guys on there I really am single). Twitter, Periscope and Medium. And yes, that one with the blue background and a small white “f”. The social media site that killed Myspace.


If you’re not familiar with Periscope its like Facebook Live, or Twitter with live video. You log on, anyone can watch you and comment in real time. It was Facebook Live before Mark Zuckerberg and company created their own moving picture feed to keep everyone unsafely inside the big blue world where you’re mostly part of an ongoing market research study.

Periscope is where I found Rob Braxman, aka Rob Music & Tech. You can check out his background via the link below but, suffice to say, Rob thinks you should delete all your photos and data from Facebook, close your account and run far, far away. Kiss Zuckerberg goodbye.


Rob loves substituting Zuck for Fuck. As in, Zuckbook. What the Zuck? You’re getting Zucked and you don’t Zucking know it.

Bottom line. You have no Zucking privacy with Zuckbook and it’s way the Zuck worse than you can imagine. Be afraid, be  Zucking afraid.

Okay. Enough doom and gloom. The blogging site Medium is where I found Gary Vaynerchuck, aka entrepreneurial guru Gary Vee. He’s ultra positive, as long as you don’t waste your life binge-watching Netflix shows. Do shit you love. Not happy with the shit you are doing? Spend your non-working hours bettering yourself.

Or as Rob might say, get off your Zucking ass.


Tom Robinson is taking it easy but he founded something that had, at its peak, nearly 80 million users. He can spend all day taking photos of that magic forest in Japan. Months, years even.

Gary Vee posted a video recently and it summed up his approach to making the most of your time on this earth. A female fan asked for some sage advice and Gary said, “You’re gonna die.”

Not the most uplifting sentiment but the point was, make something happen now. Don’t wait. Don’t spend your final days regretting the times you dipped your toes in the water and were too afraid to dive in.

And I intend to strive and grow rather than sit and wait.

After I watch this episode of “Orange is the New Black.”


About johnnymaraca

sole proprietor of Maraca Media, former radio host (Johnny Maraca's Rock & Roll Riot), copywriter and producer and a print journalism grad.
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