Why don’t people get the risks of Covid-19?

I grew up in Toronto but the mass gathering at Trinity-Bellwoods Park got me thinking…

Trinity Bellwoods sounds like a bitchy character on a Netflix high school drama.

Born rich, privileged, clueless. Which reminds me, I’m a few episodes away from the conclusion of Outer Banks (really good) but….

Those park-loving (mostly) young folk. The dozens I’ve seen recently at Wasaga Beach, swimming, playing mini volleyball, throwing footballs and sometimes..most times…keeping their distance…why don’t they get it?

Don’t they see Dr. Theresa Tam every day on TV, with her stats, warnings and guidelines?

Aren’t they watching CBC, Global or CTV or their local news outlet to figure out what’s going on and what they should be doing?


Sure, plenty of them are somewhat informed and they’re just carefree. It’s an invisible disease that hasn’t affected them or anyone they know so why the restrictions?

I subscribe to the Toronto Star, Washington Post and MacLeans. Every day, I read apps with links to articles from The National Post, The Globe and Mail, Rolling Stone, The Atlantic and a whole whack of newspapers and magazines.

I tune in every day at 11 am to CBC News Network for the Prime Minister’s state-of-the-country address with Rosemary Barton and Vassy Kapelos.


Beautiful blue eyes, and a killer instinct for holding those in power accountable on her show, Power and Politics. If we were allowed to have mass gatherings, I’d propose a drinking game every time Vassy says, “With respect/with all due respect/respectfully…”

They did not answer her question.

I will fill my glass of Naked Grape shiraz and toast the tenacious Vassy.


So many in this country don’t watch or read traditional media.

And, aside from the rat-infested, disease-ridden sewers of Facebook “news” sources where have people usually gotten their info?

At coffee shops. Bars. Churches, soccer and ball fields. Conferences, book clubs, gyms…

The places that are closed.

That’s Jessica, the franchisee of Chuck’s Roadhouse in Wasaga
Beach, and Chris, one of the managers. Great guy.

Covid-19 has cut us off. Does that odd-looking fellow I used to see at the end of the bar know what Zoom is? Video chats are a poor substitute for face to face (even a hockey stick distance away) contact. 

Second hand information was better than no information and we’ve lost that, at least in the short term.

We could argue, debate and discuss, rather than call each other out on social media for being nut jobs or conspiracy theorists and yelling at those we either think are paranoid of reckless.

Why are you/aren’t you wearing a mask?

My dear old Mom is 93. She has former neighbours…really nice people…who have a daughter in the U.S. Hardcore Republican. She told her Mom & Dad to watch Fox News. They told my Mom to subscribe ($4 a month extra) because it was the only place to get “the truth.”

Mom checked it out for a few weeks and thought she was watching a Saturday Night Live news parody. “The hosts are smirking,” said Mom. She cancelled it and still watches Rosie and Vassy, and Steve Paikin.

But, to get back to my original point, people don’t get it because they aren’t watching it, or reading about it.

And not chatting with folks at the next table or on the other side of the bar.

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sole proprietor of Maraca Media, former radio host (Johnny Maraca's Rock & Roll Riot), copywriter and producer and a print journalism grad.
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