Getting through a pandemic via Epsom, New Hampshire

The “About Us” page on the Town of Epsom site says:

“Established in 1727, Epsom offers a rural feel with its farm lands and warm community feeling. The Town of Epsom is six miles long, and four and one half miles broad.”

That’s Little Suncook River in Epsom, NH.

And in the year 2020, when Covid has killed many livelihoods, businesses, social activities, baseball leagues, choirs (Mom misses her group) and other ways to be with people, a low power FM station in New Hampshire has helped keep my creative juices flowing.

Even now, I picture Epsom as being like the small town Vermont setting of Newhart. Dick, Joanna, Larry, Darryl and his other brother Darryl. I had a huge crush on Stephanie (Julia Duffy), the perfect petite blonde.

NEWHART (1980). Mary Frann, Bob Newhart, Tom Poston, Julia Duffy, Peter Scolari, John Voldstad, Tony Papenfuss, William Sanderson. Season 8, Final Episode, Ep. 184, ‘The Last Newhart’, 05-21-1990. (c) CBS/ Courtesy: Everett Collection.


A year ago, I posted a demo on a small market radio Facebook page. Outlaw country mixed with southern rock, country rock and rockabilly (many outlaw fans would say that genre was rockabilly reborn).

Within half an hour, half a dozen replies.

All in the U.S.

My show runs on KLMX in Clayton, New Mexico…the Bear with 52,000 growling watts of power, and WRSG in Middlbourne, West Virginia. My previous ’50s rock and roll show ran on that high school station a few years ago and the adult volunteer who runs Knights Radio heard about my outlaws show and said he would love to carry it.

Cheers to you, Greg, and the listeners in Tyler County.

Most American stations don’t pay for syndicated radio shows. They do barter which, contrary to what you might think, isn’t really a trade. It means they air the show, you don’t get paid, but you can arrange for your own third-party sponsor.

Any businesses in Clayton, New Mexico reading this?

I’d love to have the special at Red’s Cafe, espically if Red is still there.


A wonderful fellow named Dale saw my Facebook post and said he’d love to air my program.

3A Oldies 91.9 in Epsom is not a commercial station. Not online and you can only hear it within maybe 10 miles of the transmitter. I’m guessing more of a hobby for a long-time radio guy who can play what he wants. Dale actually pays me for Outlaws and Rebels.

If our border ever reopens…not any time soon and I have relatives in Maine who would love to come up to Canada for another visit…I would love to spend time in Epsom, New Hampshire.

The town…the radio station…that gave me hope during (and I’ll steal a line from Annie in Field of Dreams) a time of great madness.

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