I’m John O’Mara, a copywriter and blogger. I also host and produce the syndicated radio program, Johnny Maraca’s Outlaws and Rebels.

That’s me at the 2017 Wasaga Blues Festival (the hand on my shoulder belongs to Canadian rocker Kim Mitchell, but I edited him out of the pic).

I was born in Manchester, England. Crumpsall Hospital. The city was building a new motorway and our house was in its way. So, in 1965, we left Britain for a new life in Canada.
I grew up in the Toronto suburb of Scarborough. Then kind of place Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart wrote about in Subdivisions.
In between the bright lights and the far, unlit unknown.”
I moved to the far, unlit unknown after graduating from the print journalist program at Centennial College.
Owen Sound, Ontario. Though I worked 25 miles south in Durham. Wrote for a national trade publication devoted to collector plates and wildlife art prints. 
Fell into radio by accident. I was playing in a tennis group with a local Bayshore Broadcasting sales rep. One night she said, “We need a copywriter.”
That was in 1989.
Since then, I’ve written thousands of radio ads. Moved to Wasaga Beach for the launch of Bayshore’s 97.7 the Beach (now Max FM) in 2007. Added commercial production to my skill set and hosted a ’50s rock & roll show for 8 years. The Rock & Roll Riot. Cancelled in 2018 when 97.7 switched to hits of the ’70s to the ’90s.
I was a victim of the dreaded downsizing in 2018. Restructured. Ouch. Bayshore offered me a contract to write from home and thinks have worked out well for both parties. I receive a steady stream of copy requests from Bayshore reps on a daily basis.
I also created Maraca Media to help business owners tell their stories on radio and online.
I’m a huge Beatles fan though my first concert was Motorhead in 1981. I’ve seen Iron Maiden five times, Rush three times, and Ozzy twice.
My favourite movie is Field of Dreams. I’ve read almost every Stephen King novel.
Tennis nut, slow pitch and fast pitch softball player, lover of red wine, craft beers and birds.

“Contact John, he can help your business grow!”

I even named my cockatiel after a Beatle.
Say hello to Ringo!
Email Ringo’s roommate: johnnymaraca@rogers.com

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