I’m John O’Mara, freelance copywriter and blogger and former host of the radio program, The Rock and Roll Riot, which ran for 9 years on 97.7 the Beach in Wasaga Beach, as well as WRSG in Middlebourne, West Virginia, and the internet stations, Radio That Doesn’t Suck, Swisssh Radio, and Beach Booster Radio.

The Riot was cancelled on 97.7 the Beach in January of 2018 because the station had recently switched it’s daytime programming from the ’60s to the present, to the ’70s to the present. So my program, which was primarily ’50s and ’60s, was considered too old.

Community radio and internet stations do not pay. I once had an internet station asking me to pay them $20 a month to help with their costs!

I would happily bring the show back if the interest was there. Either a good sized audience or a paying gig or sponsorship. But radio programmers want big names they can sell to sponsors and, while I think my show is unique and well worth listening to, it’s business.

I research, program, voice and produce the Riot myself so any sponsorships or syndication possibilities would be most welcome. If the Underground Garage want to hire me, I’m available! Also, any radio stations that would like to add the show, let’s chat.
Email: johnnymaraca@rogers.com