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host of Johnny Maraca's Rock & Roll Riot, the rockingest show on the radio. 60 years of rockin' rhythm and blues, from the late '40s pioneers like Louis Jordan to Elvis, Chuck Berry, CCR, Stray Cats, Ramones and tons more. Friday and Saturday nights at 7 on 97.7 the Beach, listen live at, and WRSG in Middlebourne, West Virginia, Tuesdays 6-8 pm.

To friend or unfriend, that is the question

Unless you are a saint or the most wonderful person on earth you have been unfriend on what Jerry Seinfeld called “Facecrack.” It’s happened to all of us. Years ago when you friended them you thought, hey, we either worked … Continue reading

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‘Effin the B’s

I’m no prude. I can swear with the best (or worst) of them, as many of my tennis opponents can attest. It’s game point, here comes an easy put away and…I hit it wide, long, or into the net. Fudge! … Continue reading

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Minutes to memories

Days turn to minutes and minutes to memories. Life sweeps away the dreams that we have planned. So sang, and wrote, John Mellencamp. On Friday June 1st, I gathered my radio memories after 11 years at 97.7 the Beach (don’t … Continue reading

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Being paid what you’re worth

In December of 1985 I drove 100 miles or more to start my first job, after graduating from the journalism program at Centennial College in Toronto. In Durham. Not “region” as I had thought based on the job posting in … Continue reading

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