Cheering for shadows of Stones past

The Rolling Stones just put out a video promo for their current tour and music industry blogger Bob Lefsetz called the clips “a laughingstock” and “an insult to history.”
Time is not on their side.
Ron Wood is the youngest Stone and he’s a few weeks away from being 66 (I’m not counting bass player Darryl Jones, who is more or less a hired gun). Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are both 69 and Charlie Watts is nearly 72.
The main problem is they are all senior citizens.
Paul McCartney is 70 but the next oldest member of his band is 57 and Sir Paul’s drummer was born in 1971, a year after the Beatles broke up.
Now, if the Stones were playing the casino circuit like other bands from their era…the Dave Clark Five, Herman’s Hermits…things wouldn’t be so bad. Charging $40 to $60 a ticket is fine but Mick and the old boys are still milking their long-since-passed title of “world’s greatest rock and roll band” and ticket prices are much higher.
It’s like paying $200 to see the 1965 New York Yankees.
Yes, the song catalog is legendary. The playing isn’t. Last year on Saturday Night Live, Jagger hosted the show and sang Stones tunes with Arcade Fire and the Foo Fighters. Those younger bands breathed new life into classics like The Last Time. The current Stones have trouble breathing in general.
The good news is, at long last, fans aren’t putting up with this charade. Sales have been lacklustre and ticket prices have been greatly reduced on the day of the show. In today’s Twitterverse, word gets around quickly….”don’t waste your money, they can’t cut it anymore.”
Those who do pay are cheering the shadows of a band that continues to tarnish its legacy with each money-grabbing tour.

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One Thought to “Cheering for shadows of Stones past”

  1. Sandra

    You can’t always get (ticket price) what you want

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