When Tom was your first friend on…what was it called again?

So I was checking my Myspace page the other day.

Yes, I’m kidding. I don’t even have it bookmarked and I’m not sure if I can recall my password. Maybe Tom knows it.

Ah yes, Tom. If you opened a Myspace account he was your first friend. Look at that face. Did you imagine him sharing your every like and click with online marketers and advertising analyzing types? He came off as a guy who wanted to meet you at Starbucks, not sell your data to them.

Hey, don’t feel sorry for the guy. Tom did okay. Worth $60 million and retired in his mid-40s.


Go back a half dozen years and I probably had a Myspace app on my iPad.


Let’s see. Flipboard so I can read newspapers and magazines. WordPress for this site. Dropbox to store and send my show segments. Tinder (hey, unlike many guys on there I really am single). Twitter, Periscope and Medium. And yes, that one with the blue background and a small white “f”. The social media site that killed Myspace.


If you’re not familiar with Periscope its like Facebook Live, or Twitter with live video. You log on, anyone can watch you and comment in real time. It was Facebook Live before Mark Zuckerberg and company created their own moving picture feed to keep everyone unsafely inside the big blue world where you’re mostly part of an ongoing market research study.

Periscope is where I found Rob Braxman, aka Rob Music & Tech. You can check out his background via the link below but, suffice to say, Rob thinks you should delete all your photos and data from Facebook, close your account and run far, far away. Kiss Zuckerberg goodbye.


Rob loves substituting Zuck for Fuck. As in, Zuckbook. What the Zuck? You’re getting Zucked and you don’t Zucking know it.

Bottom line. You have no Zucking privacy with Zuckbook and it’s way the Zuck worse than you can imagine. Be afraid, be  Zucking afraid.

Okay. Enough doom and gloom. The blogging site Medium is where I found Gary Vaynerchuck, aka entrepreneurial guru Gary Vee. He’s ultra positive, as long as you don’t waste your life binge-watching Netflix shows. Do shit you love. Not happy with the shit you are doing? Spend your non-working hours bettering yourself.

Or as Rob might say, get off your Zucking ass.


Tom Robinson is taking it easy but he founded something that had, at its peak, nearly 80 million users. He can spend all day taking photos of that magic forest in Japan. Months, years even.

Gary Vee posted a video recently and it summed up his approach to making the most of your time on this earth. A female fan asked for some sage advice and Gary said, “You’re gonna die.”

Not the most uplifting sentiment but the point was, make something happen now. Don’t wait. Don’t spend your final days regretting the times you dipped your toes in the water and were too afraid to dive in.

And I intend to strive and grow rather than sit and wait.

After I watch this episode of “Orange is the New Black.”


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Canadian Graffiti

The ads for American Graffiti posed the question, Where were you in ’62?

I was living the first year of my life but a dozen years later my folks took me to see American Graffiti at the Birchcliff Theatre in the (then) Toronto suburb of Scarborough. Mom and Dad were not rock and roll fans and if I recall our conversations after the credits had rolled, they found it hard to believe everything had happened in a single night.

Fair enough.

My mind kept replaying the climactic hot rod race between Big John Milner and Bob Falfa (Paul LeMat and a young Harrison Ford). That was cool.

On Friday’s Rock and Roll Riot I’m kicking the show off with two songs featured in American Graffiti. Little Darlin’ by the Diamonds and Del Shannon’s Runaway. It’s my salute…and sad lament…to the final weekend of the summer. In the movie, characters portrayed by Ron Howard, Richard Dreyfuss, Charles Martin Smith and Cindy Williams spend that  final post high school night dancing, eating at Mel’s Diner and, in Curt’s case, enlisting the services of legendary DJ Wolfman Jack to track down a hot blonde (a young Suzanne Sommers) he’d passed while cruising in the ’55 Chevy driven by his buddy Steve.

Ahh, cruising.

I’ve spent many an afternoon on beachfront patios here in Wasaga Beach watching hot cars pass by. Everything from Ferraris to Lamborghinis. And classic cars from the ’50s.

Big John Milner had a super charged ’32 Deuce Coupe. What his buddy Toad called the bitching-est car in the valley.

As a teen, I cruised Kingston Road in my Dad’s Ford Maverick. Oddly enough you will likely see such cars at rally’s along with ’70s Pintos, Chevy Novas and other models that seems kind of ordinary back then. Time has made them seem almost stylish and cool. Though I’m still waiting for the day when cruise nights include K-Cars. I drove one in the ’90s and the Barenaked Ladies were right, it was a nice reliant auotmobiile. Boxy and dull, but reliable.

As a teen, I couldn’t wait to get my drivers licence. Took the school course at 15 and a half, turned 16 in May of ’78 and I was driving Dad’s Maverick a month later. 

These days, many teens and young adults don’t drive. Can’t blame them. It’s expensive to own and operate a car so if you can manage without one or you have decent public transit, why spend money on something that quickly depreciates, isn’t built to last a decade, let alone 40 or 50 years, and costs a bundle to insure?

Ahh well. Back to the summers of ’78 to ’82. Rolling down the windows…Dad would have considered A/C to be luxury not worth paying for…and blasting the radio. Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper and two songs that always take me back to those suburban rides down Kingston Road….

Ah Leah by Donnie Iris.

And Set the Night on Fire by Johnnie Lovesin. Im Facebook friends with Johnnie. He opened for the Ramones in Toronto in the late ’70s and according to newspaper critics, stole the show. I’m closing Saturday night’s Riot with that tune and even though I’ll be sitting on my patio, drinking red wine and smoking a Phillie’s grape cigar, Johnnie and his tale of hookers and gangsters (okay, not quite as innocent as Little Darlin’ or At the Hop) will whisk me back to ’81.

I’ve likely seen a Cheech & Chong movie, preceded by a mood-enhancing joint…thanks Alfie Petitti wherever you are…and followed by pizza and an underage beer at Mother’s Pizza. Mother’s and Frank Vetere’s served me at 18 though I always got stopped at the Zanzibar strip club downtown. Pizza and beer? Yes sir. Topless dancers (g-string law back then in Toronto the Good)? Not tonight, kid.

The street lights are flying by, traffic is light, the breeze is warm and even though I’m heading home to our modest family bungalow, in my mind I’m cruising like Big John Milner and setting the night on fire.

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Lazy, ignorant or clueless?

During my college years, many moons ago, I was seated in the Uptown Theatre in Toronto and ended up next to a friendly, laid back (okay, most likely stoned) fellow who gave me his take on modern cinema. Don’t recall what we were there to see, but it was either Raging Bull or Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

“I like movies where you don’t have to think too much,” said my mellow buddy.

Hey, he did share his pot so I’ll cut the guy some slack.

Fast forward to the present day. I’m listening to Eddie Trunk’s Sirius/XM show on Hair Nation…stupid name for a channel because Hair Metal was a term coined by music critics in the late ’80s that disparaged the likes of Poison and Cinderella…a major insult to hard rock bands of that era but many clueless fans see it as somehow positive. 



It’ s a live, call-in show and, more times than Trunk wishes, the callers have said something along the lines of, “I’m a really big fan of (Ratt, Warrant, WASP), what are they up to?”

I love Eddie. He wants to yell, “You moron. You say you’re a big fan but you don’t know what’s happening with YOUR FAVORITE BAND? Have you heard of Google? Do you know the internet has more on it than porn? Why are you calling me when you could find the answer on your own?”

Because every working band, from ’50s doo-wop groups touring with no original members to ’80s rockers touring with no original members (Hey, Foreigner, yes Mick plays a couple of shows but that’s it) to your local club band has a website. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Soundcloud, Mixcloud and the beat goes on.

Then again, this is not unique to the music business. I’m part of local Facebook pages and often times someone will post: Is their a dentist/plumber/electrician/sex therapist in town? Yes, Evita is an awesome sex therapist. Or so I’ve heard.

So, instead of googling their town and dentist, etc., they want someone else to do the work for them. Who has time to search when you’re busy posting photos of your dinner, your cat, your adorable child, or slamming/shaming restaurants? Look at my undercooked chicken! Wow, the service was horrible and I hope you aren’t able to figure out I’ve worked for or still work at a competing eatery.

Then again…again…

Ignorance is the main reason Ivanka’s Dad became president. Pussy grabber? Pass. Good businessman, despite several of his companies going bankrupt? Pass. An outsider with no political experience? Pass. Yes, that’s working out just fine. Racist, misogynist, fat white fuck with no idea how the working class suckers that voted for him really live? Pass. Better than Hillary and her emails! I mean, you really can’t trust her, can you?

There will always be people that rely on second hand information or coffee shop gossip. Did you hear Trudeau wants to bring in Sharia Law so men can throw acid in the faces of their wives (seriously, there was a horrifying meme about that on Facebook) and not be punished for it? No, you didn’t. No one did. That was the definition of fake news.

I’ll close with a quote from the great Clarence Darrow, a legal legend and champion of the little guy and the oppressed. These words were also voiced by Spencer Tracy, as Darrow, in one of my favourite films, Inherit the Wind.

“Ignorance and fanaticism is ever busy and needs feeding. Always it is feeding and gloating for more.”

And, to quote Canadian rock band Triumph: “Fight the good fight every moment, every minute, every day.”

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If you missed Saturday’s radio Riot, stream it here and, here’s the playlist

To listen, click the tracks on the audio player on the right side of my home page.

Segment 1

Wanda Jackson rip it up (from her 2011 album produced by Jack White, the Party Ain’t Over)
Chuck Berry Carol
Creedence Clearvwater Revival green river
Sam Cooke cupid (Iive)
Colin James I’m lost without you
Ray Charles oh lonesome me
Johnny Burnette drinkin’ wine spo dee o dee

Sement 2
Fats Domino bo weevil
Guess Who shakin’ all over (before Burton Cummings joined)
Bullmoose Jackson oh John
Rolling Stones talkin’ about you (Chuck Berry cover)
Ruth Brown daddy daddy
Beatles I’ll be back
The Daps love your lovin’ ways (obscure doo wop)

Segment 3

Carl Perkins blue suede shoes (live) at Folsom, a guest of Johnny Cash
Evan Rachel Wood it won’t be long (from Across the Universe)
Louis Jordan open the door richard
Bill Haley and his Comets burn that candle
Ronnie Hawkins one of these days
Roy Orbison uptown
The Donnas strutter (KISS cover)

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