I’m a copywriter, blogger, podcaster, and host of Johnny Maraca’s Outlaws and Rebels radio program, heard in New Mexico and New Hampshire and West Virginia.

What’s always driven me is hearing the sales rep say, “The client loves it! Thanks.”

Or receiving an email from the business owner or manager saying, “Perfect!”

That could be you! Check out my samples below.


Many radio advertisements are awful. If your spots don’t get results, chances are they’re filled with cliches. For all your (whatever) needs. The leaves are falling and so are the prices at (wherever). Bragging about the best prices, selection or friendliest staff.

Halloween PSA

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If you paid for any of those script elements, you reduced the effectiveness of the spot or  campaign.

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The best ads are about the listener…

NOT the business.

Owen Sound Animal Shelter Dec 2018

97.7 the Beach jazz show promo

I can write ads that speak to them and let the radio audience know how your products can solve their problems.

Intrigue them, then tell them how you can help.

Mackhall Mobility

And, to blow my own horn a bit, I’ve been the writer who runs into sales reps from other stations in the chain and hears, “I wish you wrote for my clients.”

Or, when other writers have come up empty, “Let’s give it to Johnny.”

Distracted driving PSA

I’ve always done humour well, but I can write every type of radio spot…testimonials, factual, hard sell, soft sell…

Handyman Dane

It’s not about selling them once, it’s about getting the renewals. 

It’s not enough to just “get your name out there.”

Ted’s Range Road Diner


A great method of building your mailing list and connecting with your customers in a way that engages them and provides them with meaningful offers and content. Emphasis on “meaningful.” A hype-filled sales pitch will end up in their spam folder.

I created this Mailchimp landing page demo for Emilia’s Swimwear. Em is a friend of mine and her is site is pretty snazzy, with mailing lists and everything to make it SEO ready, but I thought I’d use it to sharpen my skills. And hey, bikinis! I combined some of her website photos in Canva and designed the whole page.

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Emilia’s Swimwear Reversible swimwear

Emilia’s Swimwear, that’s Em on the right


My first job, fresh out of college, was staff writer for Insight on Collectables. It was a trade publication that also had subscribers across North America. I went on to write for Schizophrenia Digest, The Owen Sound Sun-Times, Grey Bruce This Week, The Brampton Guardian and The Charlottetown Guardian.

James Lumbers profile, Insight on Collectables

My varied background will help you put a fresh spin on your newsletters, social media posts, web content, blogs and email marketing campaigns.

Owen Sound Sun-Times Halloween radio piece

Let’s get started!

Email me to discuss your goals and challenges…what’s worked, what hasn’t worked and how we can team up to beat your competitors. Together, we can come up with creative ways to boost your bottom line and keep your customers engaged. johnnymaraca@rogers.com.