The first sentence of your radio ad is crucial to the success of the spot and the campaign.

Do it right and the listener is intrigued. They want to hear more.

Do it wrong and kiss ’em goodbye!

The problem is, so many advertisers and reps think of radio spots as announcements. Tell them, inform them and wow them.


I’ve written hundreds of scripts promoting concerts, plays and events and often the client wants this…

Phoenix Promotions presents (insert name of band, festival, etc.)!!!!!!!!

No one cares about the promoter. “Oh, I’ve heard they put on good shows,” said no listener ever.

Put that in the second line, or at the end.

Now, you’re saying, what’s wrong with that beginning? It WILL preach to the converted but that’s all. Unless the show is a guaranteed sell-out. But, artists are struggling these days and can’t rely on radio support or album sales, so it’s harder to fill venues.


What about folks who may be interested but aren’t overly familiar with the performer? A well-written opening line could persuade them to buy tickets and discover a new favourite musician.


Give them a taste of what they’re in for…a spell-binding performance, heartfelt songs, dazzling virtuosity.

It’s similar to car advertising. Sell the test drive. Put them behind the wheel or, in this case, in that theatre.

The key is to catch the listener with something relevant. Why should they care? They won’t if you start with….

  • ‘It’s back by popular demand…”
  • “It’s the sale you’ve been waiting for…
  • “Jiffy Paint & Wallpaper is proud to announce their newest product line.”


If they’re not familiar with your products or services, they haven’t been waiting to hear from you. You aren’t on their radar.


“I told them a hundred times, put Spinal Tap first and Puppet Show last.”

Like us on Facebook. Unlikely. Follow us on Instagram. Nope. That’s for people who are already fans and have had satisfactory to great experiences with said business.

The principles of online marketing apply to radio and really, they always have…attract, engage, delight and whammo, repeat customer.

And you attract with relevant content that answers a need, solves a problem or makes the audience curious enough to check out Youtube videos of the singer you are presenting next month.

Talk about them, and they’ll want to know you.

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