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Tay Tay and the the lost power of persuasion

I’m getting carpal tunnel from the frequent clicking of the “hide” button on Facebook posts and scrolling past offensive memes and links from questionable sources. Yes, I’ve composed political posts to express my frustration that the other side doesn’t get … Continue reading

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Who has time to read? I do

A few weeks ago, I purchased two books at the Elmvale Flea Market for two bucks. A toonie in total. For my non-Canadian readers, that’s a two-dollar coin. The vendor put the books in a shopping bag and said, “I … Continue reading

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Creativity fueled by booze

“Drinking is the curse of the writing classes,” said the great playwright and author Oscar Wilde. I count myself incredibly lucky that, from my days as an adolescent when my parents allowed me to have a glass of wine with … Continue reading

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