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I play tennis, volleyball, slowpitch and fastpitch softball and it’s amazing my left thumb still functions.

I’ve managed to avoid thumb injuries on the courts and fields.

But, I use said digit to scroll and scroll and scroll my iPad screen through dozens of Facebook posts and Twitter tweets.

Share or repost this. No. There’s a good chance someone halfway around the world is getting paid by the click and exploiting a sad-faced little doggie to boost his income.

Maybe the puppy lover is also the blackmailer who crafts those grammar-challenged emails.


Let’s call him Sergei from Siberia.

“Hmm, what do I do today?” Sergei ponders his options. “Do I create a meme that will piss people off and force them to share with an OMG? Cha-ching! Or will type: I am SERIOUS do not ignore this email, I see you sick perv and I am now wanting to send your video to all your contacts. Do not INRAGE me I am fully knowing you are being happy to avoid embarrassment. You must send me $7,000 in Bitcoin and I will delete the files.”

Well, thanks for ensuring I never use Bitcoin, Sergei. 

“Bitcoin, the preferred choice of thousands of blackmailers and scammers around the world!”

So, back to Facebook.

It’s giving me carpal tunnel from scrolling past the political rants and posts expressing outrage over whatever until I stop to check out an animal rescue video. They pulled the baby elephant out of that river!

I’m not being sarcastic in the latter case. I get misty-eyed when those creatures are reunited with their mothers.


I enjoy viewing photos of my overseas relatives and proud parents holding their newborns, and finding out what’s happening in the lives of friends who live far away.

But Facebook is full of time-sucking crap.

There’s that fucking MAGA kid again.

Think of the hours spent debating a story that would not have existed without camera phones, Facebook and Twitter. A non story. Whether you thought he treated the old man like a character at Disney World (look guys, an Indian!) or felt the teen was blameless…

All we got was a Zapruder-style video analysis that led to the inevitable name calling and insults.


Here’s a snippet from the Tech Crunch piece linked below:

The assholes out there are very real, and often their behavior is indeed hateful. Sure, you don’t have all the context. You never have all the context. But sometimes you don’t need all the context, and sometimes even when you have it, it only reinforces the cries of outrage and hate you see flying in from all sides, from your friends, from your acquaintances, endlessly retweeted and shared.

And that’s why I suffer from Facebook Fatigue.

During the last municipal election, The Wasaga Facebook news and commentary (umm, bitching) page featured non-stop attacks on the incumbent mayor and his opponent. The posts were often personal and nasty.

I felt bad for both of them. 

Jarod Lanier thinks we should all quit social media. Here’s a quote from the article linked below:

His most dispiriting observations are those about what social media does to politics – biased, “not towards the left or right, but downwards”. If triggering emotions is the highest prize, and negative emotions are easier to trigger, how could social media not make you sad?

Filling you with sadness, depression, anxiety and rage. That should be part of Facebook’s mission statement, right below “It’s free and always will be!”

I wish Zuck’s World was a place where people were informed or at least felt they had a grasp of the situation, then reacted.

Yeah I know, what colour is the sky in mine?

Facebook IS free so I am free to scroll past anything that’s guaranteed to make me angry, and to avoid keyboard battles with folks who spend their days scouring the internet for proof of my cluelessness.

This is Ringo, my cockatiel. Cute little fella, huh?

His crest is sticking up, which means he’s worried or apprehensive. 

Ringo says, and I agree…post more bird videos!





What team do you play for?

I’m a team player but, with apologies to Lorde, I’m not on anyone’s team.

Teams used to unite us. Now, thanks to Zuckerberg and his team that sells our data to other teams, teams divide us. Setting up showdowns of faiths (or lack of any faith), ideologies, political leanings and our love of animals, babies, pizza, movies, TV shows, beer or wine (Obikwa Shiraz, you rock!).

I’ve lost Facebook friends because I was accused of being on the wrong team. Two people had a dispute and both took the Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome approach. One man/woman enter, one man/woman leave.

Can’t I still be friends with both? Apparently not.

The Philadelphia Flyers have always been my team. They won two Stanley Cups in the mid-’70s and were the most hated team in hockey. The Broad Street Bullies. Bending the rules, playing dirty, intimidating the opposing team. And they had the goalie that put the two best back-to-back seasons in NHL history on the record books, Bernie Parent.

Bumper stickers at the time said only the Lord (not Lorde, though I’d bet she’s a good athlete) saves more than Bernie Parent.

What I loved most about that team, well…

They never gave up and even if the game was lost, Clarke and company looked at the scoreboard and said, “4-0. Let’s make it 4-1 or 4-2 and show the other team that we battle till the end.”

And…the lack of celebration.


If Bobby scored a goal he didn’t jump in the air or pump his fist. No. The look on his face said, “We worked hard for that, we deserved it…let’s keep plugging away.”

On a side note, Leafs fans will remember Rick Vaive for reacting to every goal he scored…but not assisted on…as if he’d won the lottery. Big jump. “Look what I did!”

Side note, in my college days my classmate Mirna’s mother worked at a restaurant across the street from Maple Leaf Gardens and her Mom, who had served Ricky many times, arranged for us to meet the Leaf’s sniper.

Vaive didn’t show up.

Prior to the last U.S. election you may recall I posted something along the lines of, “If you support Trump in any way….”

Ummm, you could have interpreted it as a big Fuck Off.

Because you were on that team. Not really a team, c’mon. Unless it’s the team of you don’t really follow world affairs or politics and think all parties are corrupt and bought and what the hell, why not this guy who talks like a professional wrestler and was born on third base and says he’s hit a homerun though he’s struck out more times than you could be bothered to actually read about or investigate beyond coffee shop banter…

Hang on…

As I’m typing this, Deep Tracks on Sirius/XM, hosted by the great Jim Ladd, is playing Elvis Presley’s version of Chuck Berry’s Johnny B Goode, So cool!

And, as Johnny Maraca, now and forever, I will go.


To a Monty Python reference. “Your wife…does she go? I bet she does.”

I go off in tangents. Streams of consciousness. As George Wroebel…grade 10 history teacher wrote on my report card, “You are basically an enigma. You write well in a style that is peculiarly your own.”

Translation: I passed you because your essay questions were short on facts but entertaining.

I don’t want to be on your team unless it involves baseball, volleyball or tennis doubles.

You don’t have to be on mine.

And that’s fine.

Respecting each other’s views should be what matters most and the key word is respect.

There’s a town hall meeting that occured priot to the 2008 election and it featured an exchange between Repulibcan nominee and war hero John McCain and and eldery woman and GOP team member who said Barack Obama was a commnist.

“No ma’m,” McCain said. “He’s decent family man.” McCain went on to say it was simply that he and Obama had differing views on how America should be run.

Differing views. Mutual respect. Put that in your algorithms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram….

As soon as you start using words like idiot and moron, your side of the argument is over. I wasn’t a fan of Stephen Harper but, even though I disagreed with his views on how Canada should be run, he was (and is) an intelligent fellow, a decent family man and someone who had the country’s best interests at heart.


Though if Rob (sorry, Doug, though he will ever live in his brother’s shadow) becomes the Ontario Premier….

Doug Ford. Not Rob. If’s so hard to separate them. If you’re on his team then fuck off.

No, you can fuck back on.

If you can explain why he should be the leader of our provincial government and do it in a way that doesn’t say “team” as much as why it would affect you personally…unless you’re rich so remove yourself from the debate…I’m willing to listen to your views as an individual, rather than part of….

A team.

My Flyers lost in the first round. Though the playoff pool run by the father of my friend and volleyball teammate Amanda allowed for a re-set…meaning you can trade players who are out for players who are still in….


Go Sharks and Jets!

When Tom was your first friend on…what was it called again?

So I was checking my Myspace page the other day.

Yes, I’m kidding. I don’t even have it bookmarked and I’m not sure if I can recall my password. Maybe Tom knows it.

Ah yes, Tom. If you opened a Myspace account he was your first friend. Look at that face. Did you imagine him sharing your every like and click with online marketers and advertising analyzing types? He came off as a guy who wanted to meet you at Starbucks, not sell your data to them.

Hey, don’t feel sorry for the guy. Tom did okay. Worth $60 million and retired in his mid-40s.

Go back a half dozen years and I probably had a Myspace app on my iPad.


Let’s see. Flipboard so I can read newspapers and magazines. WordPress for this site. Dropbox to store and send my show segments. Tinder (hey, unlike many guys on there I really am single). Twitter, Periscope and Medium. And yes, that one with the blue background and a small white “f”. The social media site that killed Myspace.


If you’re not familiar with Periscope its like Facebook Live, or Twitter with live video. You log on, anyone can watch you and comment in real time. It was Facebook Live before Mark Zuckerberg and company created their own moving picture feed to keep everyone unsafely inside the big blue world where you’re mostly part of an ongoing market research study.

Periscope is where I found Rob Braxman, aka Rob Music & Tech. You can check out his background via the link below but, suffice to say, Rob thinks you should delete all your photos and data from Facebook, close your account and run far, far away. Kiss Zuckerberg goodbye.

Rob loves substituting Zuck for Fuck. As in, Zuckbook. What the Zuck? You’re getting Zucked and you don’t Zucking know it.

Bottom line. You have no Zucking privacy with Zuckbook and it’s way the Zuck worse than you can imagine. Be afraid, be  Zucking afraid.

Okay. Enough doom and gloom. The blogging site Medium is where I found Gary Vaynerchuck, aka entrepreneurial guru Gary Vee. He’s ultra positive, as long as you don’t waste your life binge-watching Netflix shows. Do shit you love. Not happy with the shit you are doing? Spend your non-working hours bettering yourself.

Or as Rob might say, get off your Zucking ass.

Tom Robinson is taking it easy but he founded something that had, at its peak, nearly 80 million users. He can spend all day taking photos of that magic forest in Japan. Months, years even.

Gary Vee posted a video recently and it summed up his approach to making the most of your time on this earth. A female fan asked for some sage advice and Gary said, “You’re gonna die.”

Not the most uplifting sentiment but the point was, make something happen now. Don’t wait. Don’t spend your final days regretting the times you dipped your toes in the water and were too afraid to dive in.

And I intend to strive and grow rather than sit and wait.

After I watch this episode of “Orange is the New Black.”


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