You already know me as a blogger, podcaster and radio host, but I am a full-time, freelance writer and I’m looking for more clients!

Scroll below for samples of my creativity!

I’ve written and produced radio ads for over 25 years and continue to do so on a contract basis for Bayshore Broadcasting, owner of 9 stations from Goderich to Orillia and including my home of Wasaga Beach. The tourist town about a 90-minute drive north of Toronto.

I’m also a print journalism graduate…Centennial College, class of ’81. My background includes being a reporter, editor and contributor to magazines and newspapers…from Insight on Collectables to Schizophrenia Digest.

So, what can I write for you?


Many radio ads are awful. If yours don’t get results, chances are they’re filled with cliches. For all your (whatever) needs. The leaves are falling and so are the prices at (wherever). Bragging about the best prices, selection or friendliest staff.

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If you paid for any of those script elements, you wasted your money.


The best ads are about the listener, not  the business.




I can write ads that speak to them, their needs, and how your products can solve their problems.

Intrigue them, then tell them how you can help.

And, to blow my own horn a bit, I’ve been the writer who runs into sales reps from other stations in the chain and hears, “I wish you wrote for my clients.”




Or, when other writers have come up empty, “Let’s give it to Johnny.”




I’ve always done humour well, but I can write every type of radio spot…testimonials, factual, hard sell, soft sell…




It’s not about selling them once, it’s about getting the renewals.







It’s not enough to just “get your name out there.”






As you can see from my blog, I love to write. I’m passionate about music so that’s usually my topic but if you want your blog or website text to sound more appealing, Johnny’s your man.





Newsletters, tweets, Facebook posts….




And the question is…how much do you charge, Johnny?



It varies, and it’s not (cliche alert) carved in stone. Send me an email and we can figure  something out: